Equestrian Facility Design and Building

Many horse lovers dream of having their own facility for housing, training, and competing. Being able to eliminate commute time, boarding costs, arena rentals, and usage fees is great…but the night and day availability and consistency of your own facility are even more wonderful.

Building private equestrian facilities is a daunting task, but it can be accomplished with excellence if you have the right professionals serving you! A properly designed site will offer space and safety for riding arenas, stalls, hay storage, tack rooms, and potentially even kitchen and bathroom amenities.

An equestrian facility can be called many things, such as a barn, stables, arena, or livery. Large facilities are often called equestrian centers….and may include offerings such as riding classes, veterinarian service, tack and supply shops, or equipment repair.

What is Part of Equine Facility Design

Horse Barn 

Your equestrian structures are multi-faceted buildings. They will need to provide for a variety of needs. Both horses and riders will need protection from weather extremes. There will need to be plenty of fresh air, and appropriate air flow, avoiding drafty or poorly regulated areas. There will need to be convenience and efficiency in the area and feeding of the animals. 

The horses will need roomy and dry bedding accommodations. All of it needs to be designed to be a safe world for its occupants and users. You will also want the structures to be beautiful, durable, and practical.

Indoor Arena

Steel structure construction is ideal for your indoor arena. Steel design offers the ability to have wide open spaces with distance-spanning beams and almost limitless customizability. Steel construction is durable and naturally resistant to pests and molds that can plague animal owners.

Your facility needs to be big enough to provide space for everything you need without wasting resources or space. Horse stall areas and hallways must have high ceilings and doors that are easy to open and close. They must be wide and easily accessible.

The lighting must be excellent. Skylights and plentiful artificial lighting provide plenty of light both day and night. Proper lighting makes it pleasant to use your facility any time of day or night and increases facility safety.

Proper ventilation is essential for both comfort and the health of horses and riders. Your site design should optimize natural ventilation with good airflow and the ability to open the building up. You also need appropriate airflow when the weather requires closed doors and HVAC.

Electric, water, and communication infrastructure

Your equine facility design will require electrical wiring, plumbing, and communications capability. To keep everything efficient and running smoothly, these utilities will need to be a high priority in your site planning. Future expansion is an important consideration when designing your structures. Initial installations that allow for easy expansion are a time and money saver when that day comes.

Hay and Water Storage 

Feed storage and water supply are critical aspects of equestrian facility design. Up to 10% of operating costs can be attributed to loss of feed through improper storage! Barn design must assure correct feed storage.

Hay requires proper ventilation to avoid mold and the risk of fire. Feed also needs to be convenient to access.

An average-sized horse drinks up to 10 gallons of water a day! That’s a LOT of water….especially if you have more than one animal.

Water is essential to the well-being of your horses. Adequate water cleanses the lymphatic system, improving the horse’s immunity to sickness. Water is necessary for avoiding colic and other digestive problems. Plentiful clean drinking water also prevents overheating by allowing adequate sweating.

Water is also needed for cleaning both the animals and the facility. Piping and hydrants in all the key locations will make maintaining the high water usage much easier.

Hiring Professionals vs. DIY

TR Industrial has over 20 years of expertise in the development of projects like yours.

A large construction project has many moving parts and the professionals have the experience and knowledge to navigate all of it without costly errors or omissions. Unless you have already been trained to do all these tasks, the multitude of essential details quickly becomes overwhelming.

One enormous benefit of using a professional from the beginning of the process to create the equestrian projects of your dreams is that they will have dealt with these issues in the past and know exactly what needs to be done.

From site evaluation and permit acquisition to final landscape and fencing, TR Industrial manages and executes every step in-house….assuring efficiency and excellence. These professionals have the optimal tools, experience, and connections to assure that your plans become a reality.

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