Airplane Hangar Construction

Maximize Your Airplane Hangar Construction: A Comprehensive Guide

Regulations Involved With Building Your Airplane Hangar

It will be your responsibility, with the help of your contractor, to understand the zoning laws and regulations surrounding an airplane hangar. TR Industrial can guide you through this process, even acquiring the needed permits for you and part of the service that their commercial steel business provides.

These vary depending on your city and state, whether or not you will have fuel in or near your hangar, and the size and planned usage of your hangar.

Asking other hangar owners about their process can be a good way to learn about local requirements. They will be able to share what they learned as they created their space.

Essential Elements of an Efficient Airplane Hangar

Size, location, accessibility, cost, and energy efficiency are just a few of the things you will need to prioritize as you start building your hangar project.

A significant advantage to choosing a contractor for your building process is the knowledge about all these details that they will bring to your table.

TR Industrial has over 20 years of experience handling every aspect of steel building construction. They will handle everything from design and planning, initial site work, excavation, and concrete to the final construction of commercial hangars.


Optimal Space Utilization for Storage & Maintenance

Of course, one of the first considerations will be how large to make your new hangar. This is fundamental to the entire design process.

What type of aircraft and how many of them? Are there any specific requirements for your aircraft to consider in the building process? Is there other equipment that will need space? Will your site need lounge or kitchen facilities? Bathrooms?

Advanced Lighting & Ventilation Systems

You will want to consider lighting options…You will need bright, even lighting for the care and maintenance of the aircraft. It will need to be well distributed to avoid shadows and areas with poor illumination.

Ventilation, similarly, needs to be abundant and well-planned. There are basically 3 things that need to be accomplished through adequate ventilation…You need to be able to keep the building cooled down, create air movement, and also minimize noise.

Security Measures & Fire Protection

Steel is naturally fire-resistant and secure, being non-combustible and not easily compromised.

Fire is a big concern for anyone dealing with engines and fuel. Steel is the ideal building material to protect from hangar fires. Steel is never an ignition point and never adds fuel to a fire, as other construction materials do. Metal airplane hangars also make it easy to install sprinkler systems or other fire suppression systems.

Your security measures and fire protection are at their best potential in a steel building. Stainless steel walls, toughened doors, and strong locks ensure that you can keep your valuable investments safe.

Customized Hangar Doors for Accessibility

There are multiple door options…a few to consider are sliding hangar doors, self-supporting hydraulic doors, vertical lifting, and bi-fold.

No matter which hangar doors you prefer, they can be effectively incorporated into the steel construction at your location.

Energy-Efficient Insulation & Temperature Control

Your building can be designed to be climate-controlled and very energy efficient. With steel-insulated buildings, the ability to incorporate high levels of insulation is a major advantage.

Even though there is much open space, HVAC can be designed to move air efficiently and effectively.

Climate control solutions

You will be able to lower your energy costs with metal building insulation.

This high-performance insulation keeps your building air transfer low, keeping your heat and air conditioning inside.

Metal buildings are naturally reflective, which contributes to less solar heating inside.

These and other factors translate to lower stress on your HVAC system and lower costs all year, and an ecologically friendly choice.

Should You Use Steel Buildings in Airplane Hanger Construction?

Steel hangar projects offer many significant advantages for aircraft owners. Private hangars are an ideal application of steel construction for airplanes or helicopters.

Steel offers you excellent protection from nature and the elements. Steel aircraft hangars can be built with a span clear span framing and no columns…maximizing wall-to-wall open space.

Durability and Longevity of Steel Structures

A steel airplane hangar is a major investment that will offer superior protection for your aircraft for many years to come.

Steel hangars are durable, resistant to pests and mildew, and deterioration, and built with superior wind ratings.

Cost-Effectiveness and Low Maintenance

The qualities that contribute to the durability and longevity of your steel building also are the source of its cost efficiency and low maintenance requirements.

There is little time or money spent on repairs or replacing components.

Design Flexibility for Customization

Steel aircraft hangar design allows total customization. TR Industrial’s premier experts are equipped to learn your needs and optimize your plan to meet every one of them. Steel buildings can be anything you want them to be!

Working with Experienced Professionals in Tennessee

The experience and skill of the TRI team in Tennessee are unparalleled. They have the in-house knowledge to execute your hangar building projects from planning and permits, to ground-breaking to final details.

With years of experience and training, they will avoid the mistakes and pitfalls that would cost you much time and money.

You can trust that your airplane hangar will be built to industry standard with the best building materials.

Customizing Your Airplane Hangars for Specific Needs

Your hangar needs are unique! No matter how many aircraft you have, or whether you prefer bi-fold doors or sliding doors, the specifics of your hangar design will be carried out with expertise to the last detail.

Accommodating Various Aircraft Sizes

TR Industrial can facilitate your aviation hangar project to accommodate your aircraft. Whether big or small, the self-performing process will maximize your outcome!

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