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Car wash construction is extremely important to the automotive industry simply because it directly impacts the maintenance of cars. Like an extension of the value chain, car washes help customers to service and provide their vehicles with professional care. But car washes aren’t just essential buildings, they are also highly profitable businesses when properly located and run.

How is the Demand and Market Potential for a Car Wash Business Determined?

Here’s are some efficient ways to determine costs, demand and market potential for a car wash business:

The Current State of the Market

For one, you should know how many car wash businesses have opened in your areas and how they fared. You should also check out stats and costs about existing car washes.

Does a lone existing car wash business or chain car wash fare better? How much does it cost to get a car wash project running in your area?

The Construction Process and the Rules and Regulations of Opening a Carwash

If you want to build car washes in any area, the first step is to check the legal terms of creating the system.

For one, the council of that area will need you to complete documentations long before the grand opening. Doing so before embarking on the carwash business helps you keep building penalties at bay.

The Ideal Customer Experience

For your car wash system to thrive, you need to discover what your ideal client will want, supply it, and support them in the process. Creating a winning car wash strategy would mean optimizing the cost and car wash experience for the best service.

The Placement of Your Car Wash Business and Necessary Costs

Some locations will fare better with an automatic car wash, which may also be called express car washes. Regardless of the building design or project type, a successful car wash leans in when customers call.

How Do You Select the Appropriate Type of Car Wash Facility?

While it may seem simple, selecting the right location for your car wash requires thorough planning. But the location will choose exactly what type of facility you should erect for your car wash design.

Here is how to find the best areas for your car wash construction:

Near Your Customers

The best place to set up a car wash business is customers will pass on a daily basis. Offices complexes, construction sites, and laundromats are great suggestions because they allow the customer multitask their car’s wash with another task.

Malls and Offices

Placing a self serve car wash by a mall is highly profitable because of the sheer traffic. Tunnel car washes are also always ideal for a bay close to your users. Consider offering discounted costs to employees of nearby businesses.

Main Roads

Car washes situated around main roads generate high revenue because of the added convenience. So, not only can you expect customer loyalty, your location also brings more customers if your tunnel car wash is cost-effective and around their daily commute.

Partnership in High-traffic Areas

It isn’t uncommon to see tunnel car washes in gas stations and huge mall complexes. This is because it is an opportunity to plug a successful car wash in an area that receives hundreds of drivers every daily.

Building your tunnel car wash brand in these areas is just as costly to construct and complete, but far more profitable in the long term.

What Permits and Licenses are Necessary for a Car Wash Business?

In today’s age, a business without the necessary certifications, permits and licenses hardly receives as much patronage. This is because clients seek to trust a business and are only able to do so when there are licenses to back the claims up.

You’ll need:

  • Environmental regulations
  • Business name registration
  • General business permit or license
  • Certificate of occupancy
  • Federal employer identification number
  • Entity formation
  • Business number or sales tax number

What Are Environmental Regulations?

Environmental regulations are a set of rules that control the activities of businesses as it relates to the environment.

They are particularly essential for car wash businesses because car washes discharge wastewater which can potentially contaminate the air, land, and ground water. So, car wash businesses that don’t follow regulations are waiting to be penalized or even shut down.

What Factors Should Be Considered When Hiring a Construction Company For a Car Wash Construction?

These checklist will help you find a professional construction company that’ll make your tunnel car wash design a success:

1. Experience

Building car wash construction projects is a unique profession. It isn’t like regular residential construction process because car washes require special electrical and plumbing services. For instance, tunnel car washes demand a crew with the know-how to build the tunnel seamlessly into the structure.

If left to just any general contractor, the tunnel car wash structure can face extensive plumbing and electrical damage that’ll cost you lots of money to resolve.

3. Equipment

Car washes need specialized equipment to be executed. These car wash equipment require trained skill to use – something that general contractors are typically unqualified to do. Because car wash equipment is specialized, the needed tools are rarer to find by people who aren’t qualified to build car washes.

5. Licensing

Licenses are the only way to ensure that your contractors have the needed expertise to handle your car wash project. If the car wash company isn’t up to date with their licenses and registrations, then you’ll be liable for any damages that result from your project.

2. Reputation

The reputation of a car wash contractor is something clients typically demand when discussing to hire a team. Along with other essential details, a solid reputation indicates that car wash building company is known to construct and deliver quality services.

While reputation says nothing about cost, it is the past clients’ way to putting out good reviews. So, before hiring any service in the line of construction work, ensure the reputation and reliability of the team.

4. Permitting and Process

Car wash construction processes are as unique as their structure, and sorting the procedure that can be a pain. Luckily, a reputable car wash construction service is efficient in keeping their books up to date. Partnering with car wash contractor without necessary permits can unnecessarily cost you money from penalties and fines

What Types of Car Wash Equipment Should Be Considered for Construction?

Asides the unique land and building-sensitive materials involved in construction, there are a few car wash equipment that determine a solid construction system. They are:

Glass buildings
Formed plastic
Pressure-treated wood
Metal/steel (for tunnel car washes)

Why Should I Choose TR Industrial For Car Wash Construction?

You should choose TR Industrial to deliver your car wash construction project because we have over 15 years of expertise in building specialized and customized structures. Our team consists of country-wide professionals with the tools and know-how to effortlessly create a stellar design for car wash for your new construction. Our clients know TR Industrial as “the company to contact when you need efficiency, cost savings and value”.

How Can TR Industrial Help Me Stand Out From Competitor Car Washes?

Without our wealth of experience, TR Industrial has the equipment and experience to construct build car washes that stand out. We work with our clients to build customized projects that stand the test of time, save costs, and cater to the users with ease.

At TR Industrial, we’re constantly competing to create modern structures and construct each car wash build to be better than the last. Your money, car wash, and bay is safe with us!

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Constructing a car wash isn’t your regular brick construction, and it isn’t something you’d want to hand to just any general contractor. The project requires well-planned land, unique costs and equipment, and other materials. To avoid any unnecessary additional expense, don’t just hand the project to any company. Contact TR Industrial today!