Industrial Chemical Warehousing Construction

What is Chemical Warehousing?

Steel buildings are a cost-effective, modern option that are great for many different applications. There are many customization options that make a metal building the right choice for almost every need…from common, everyday applications to very custom, specific needs. For example, steel structures are perfect for aircraft hangers, storage, office space, or manufacturing facility.

What are Some Hazardous Materials a Chemical Warehouse May Have?

Flammable Liquids or Gases

One material you may find in a chemical warehouse is flammable liquids. These hazardous chemicals can cause a fire or an explosion if mishandled. Gasoline and oil are two common dangerous chemicals in a chemical warehouse. They must be transported safely and stored in an area that is not fire-prone.

Corrosive Materials

Chemicals such as nitric acid may damage other substances they touch, so proper chemical storage of these materials is vital. Sound chemical warehousing involves putting these materials in appropriate containers and using personal protective equipment when handling them. Besides the chemicals causing damage to substances they touch, they may be dangerous when inhaled.


Many of the chemicals stored in chemical facilities include medicine or medical materials. These drugs can be dangerous or lose their potency if stored improperly, so having the proper storage is vital. Storing pharmaceuticals properly can be the difference between life and death, depending on what type of medicine or medical materials it is.


Batteries can also be dangerous if stored improperly, causing chemical leaks, leading to a fire, or causing them to lose power. Therefore, proper chemical warehousing is needed to make these batteries power your devices correctly.

And Much More

Many other chemicals require specific storage needs. If your business works with many chemicals, they may need unique storage buildings depending on what they are. As a company, it’s vital to store chemicals according to their safety needs and be on the right side of the law.

The Many Regulations of Chemical Warehousing

Because chemical storage involves the warehousing of hazardous materials, many OSHA regulations may vary depending on what hazardous materials are stored. For example, safety regulations dictate that hazardous chemicals must be kept below your eye level and not on the floor, balcony, or window ledges. Containers must be sealed at all times. In addition, storing chemicals also involves separating any incompatible chemicals.

If you store chemicals improperly, it can lead to a health hazard and the possibility of your company being fined. You have probably heard of wrongly stored chemicals leading to fires or becoming massive health hazards due to contaminating rivers. In the chemical industry, you must keep hazardous materials properly and follow all safety measures.

While storing chemical products requires care and being on the right side of the law, reaching safe storage can be daunting. You must follow not only federal regulations but local regulations. In addition, you need to build a warehouse area that meets your storage needs, including being fit for the climate in your area.

TR Industrial: Your Chemical Warehousing Solution

If you’re in the Tennessee or Alabama area, you understand how the weather can be, ranging from hot and humid to freezing. Because of this, you need a warehouse that meets all the rules and can handle any temperature changes. Your business should not stress over building the perfect chemical warehouse; instead, you should hire TR Industrial. Here’s why we can help.


We have over 20 years of experience in manufacturing warehouses, including working with chemical logistics companies with specific chemical warehouse needs. We’ve worked with clients who have had delicate chemicals from many chemical classes, and we ensured that they were stored correctly.

Affordable Quality

As subcontractors, we’re available whenever you need us, and we can scale our involvement depending on your needs. Chemical storage construction is as delicate as the chemicals stored, but there’s always a chance that plans change. We are available for communication when needed and can adjust according to your project needs.

The Expertise You Need

We know not only in constructing chemical storage buildings but also in the construction industry. When you hire us, you’re hiring a company with many years of knowledge and willing to spread it to you. When you speak to us during a consultation, we can inform you what type of warehouse you need, how storing your specific chemicals works, and much more.

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Companies that need to store or transport chemicals must have a warehouse built to hold them properly. If they do not, they risk legal fines and may put their community in danger. Hiring subcontractors with expertise in local and federal chemical storage regulations can keep you in the clear. Contact us if you want to learn how to get started with constructing a chemical storage warehouse.

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