Horse Arena Construction

While it is easy to see the benefit of a home riding arena, what isn’t easy is understanding all the many aspects of doing it right.

Robert Malmgren, who authored The Equine Arena Handbook: Developing a User-Friendly Facility, is considered the foremost authority on arenas. He says there are far too many pitfalls to be found in horse arena construction for the average landowner.

TR Industrial is the kind of company that CAN avoid those pitfalls, having the expertise to take your equestrian arena project all the way from soil evaluation and planning to the finishing touches that make it perfect.

Building A Riding Arena For Your Home

A private riding arena is wonderful for competitive equestrians. It provides ease of practice, with no time lost in commute. It is a skillfully prepared proper footing for the safety of valuable horses.

Among the many things to consider are the composition of the base soil, the proper drainage of the area, and winter temperatures that can cause damage through ground expansion if not planned for.

Also, learning which materials to use for retaining walls and the multiple levels of ground cover for the arena surface are important considerations.

Is it Beneficial To Have Your Own Arena?

It is definitely a benefit to have an indoor arena at home. It provides more consistent work and training for the horses, keeping them healthier.

The stable base and correct riding surface protect equine legs and feet from harm and excessive wear. With a home arena, training and practice aren’t derailed by heavy rain or extreme temperatures.

Planning Your Horse Arena Construction

Planning is the practical part of dreaming, so when planning, remember to include all the important aspects and, most importantly, choose a contractor who will know what key pieces your dream is missing.

Determining The Size Of Your Arena

As you consider your usage needs, the contractors at TR Industrial can help you assess what is optimal for you and what can be accomplished within your budget.

It’s an important part of the quality services that they offer, maximizing efficiency and cost management.

Do You Need Sand For Your Horse Arena?

Successful arenas use carefully selected sand as the main ingredient in the base cover. Sand is a good cushion and holds water well.

Expertly planned cover avoids many arena problems, keeps dust at a minimum, and protects the well-being of horses and riders.

Is All Arena Sand Equal?

Sand is an excellent cover for the base material of your new arena, but all sands are not created equal!

Considerations in choosing sand include how well it compacts or sticks together, whether it grips itself or slides like ball bearings. Is the sand dusty? Is it “cleaned”?

What Sand Should You Use?

Riding arena surfaces should contain cleaned and screened, medium to coarse, hard, sharp sand.

Fine sand will break down more readily into small enough particles to be lofted as dust. Round sand will not compact as it should.

Selecting The Best Location For Your Horse Arena

The planning experts at TR Industrial can help you choose the ideal location for the construction process of your dream arena.

Proximity to stables and home is important of course. Convenience, ease of care for animals, food, and personal needs for riders, all factor in.

Other considerations such as the amount of excavation required, environmental impact, and direction of the arena for ideal wind and sun exposure all matter as well.

Constructing Your Horse Arena

TR Industrial has the experience to both KNOW all the steps and processes needed for your riding arena project, and also to EXECUTE them.

They will know what permits to get and where to find the best resources. They schedule everything themselves, avoiding delays and confusion.

The Base Is Crucial

The base is the undergirding of everything else in your arena area.

If the base is correct, you won’t have drainage issues, soft spots creating risk, or compromising your horse’s performance because he is uncertain of good footing.

Drain For Your Riding Area

When your training is important for both riders and horses, interruptions because of poor drainage is unacceptable. Time is wasted when the ground ends up too wet to use.

The experts will determine soil type up to 3 feet deep to know how it will handle water, planning the right system for the soil, including potential french drains to funnel the water around and away from your arena.

Arena Footing Additives

Sand is the basic ingredient in the surface of most riding arenas.

There are many types of additives for combining with sand. A couple of examples of those are shredded felt, or crumb rubber.

Additives can improve the footing material but must be chosen carefully and manufactured specifically for an equestrian arena.

What Goes Into Preparing The Arena Site And Ground?

Of course, an uneven surface is unacceptable, so after soil evaluation, the next steps are leveling and compacting appropriately.

Retaining walls are installed when building arenas to contain the expensive ground cover.

Ground Preparation Outdoor Arena vs. Indoor Riding Arena

The main difference between an indoor riding surface and an outdoor riding surface is the level of the base.

Indoors, the base will be flat, but outdoors it will be crowned to allow better drainage.

Prevent Potential Issues With Proper Planning

Understanding all the steps and red tape in a big project is the expertise of TR Industrial.

Taking advantage of that knowledge will allow you to create the building you need for the money you have!

Missing a step, or overlooking a permit are costly and difficult mistakes to rectify….but a general contractor knows how to avoid those pitfalls.

Why Should You Choose TR INDUSTRIAL To Build Your Horse Arena?

The self-performing process of the experts at TR Industrial will do every step of your project with excellence.

Site evaluation, excavation, planning, permit and material acquisition, and final details, are all handled for you with experience and knowledge.


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